Dig Set Hit Volleyball Drill


In the video below from The Art of Volleyball Coaching, website, Oregon State Coach Terry Lisckevych does an excellent job of explaining a progression of Dig Set Hit Drills utilizing the deep set.

This is a great set of drills to help teach and master critical fundamental skills.

The drill can also be utilized as a great warm-up drill.

There sound with the video, so please make sure that your sound is on.

The video is a You Tube video, so you will need to be able to access that site.

Press the play arrow for the video to start.

(You can view notes from the video below the video)

In the first drill of the sequence a coach will hit a ball to either one of two players stationed left back or right back. The player receiving the ball will “Dig to the X” or a spot in the middle of the floor approximately twelve feet from the net. The other player will then set the ball outside to one of two players that are positioned on opposite sides as an outside targets.after several reps of digging to the X and setting outside, Simply rotate the players from left back and right back to the two outside target positions. The outside targets get back in line and two new players fill the left back and right back positions.


Dig Set Hit Volleyball Drill

Once players have mastered digging to the X, then the outside targets are now allowed to become hitters. The sequence that is being practiced is simply dig to the x, set to the outside hitter and hit diagonal. The rotation of players is the same as the first drill.

In the final sequence of the progression the outside hitters move to blockers and the left back and right back become outside hitters. This now transition to a box drill with emphasis on digging to the x, setting outside, hitting diagonal and covering. The goal would would be to keep the ball in play. As the players rotate each player will get to play left and right back, left and right front, hit, block, defend and control the ball to the X.


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