Dave Shondell Volleyball Practices

In the two clips below you will get a look at Dave Shondell Volleyball practices at Purdue University. Coach Shondell teams have appeared in 10 NCAA Tournament the last 12 years, including seven Sweet 16 appearances and two berths in the Elite 8. He is,without doubt one of the top volleyball coaches, in the country.

The first clip is of drill he calls parallel digging. The drill is designed to give defenders reps at digging balls hit cross court with pace. He covers positioning a coverage. In the second clip you will see a competitive game designed to develop the mental toughness necessary to close out a set.

The clips are from a DVD that shows four live practices of coach Dave Shondell Volleyball Practices. In those practices you will learn:

1. Practice Strategies
2. Leadership training
3. See drills for setting, passing, transition, digging, team play and more
4. Learn how to use small groups to maximize reps and isolate specific skills, and then blend them into a team concept
5. Learn how to create a competitive culture using team drills that simulate game-like situations

To get more information on purchasing the full DVD click the link All Access Volleyball Practice with Dave Shondell

The YouTube videos below have sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. (some schools block access to the YouTube. You may need to gain access from your network administrator)

Parallel Digging

Two players are placed on one side of the left side of the floor with one up and middle. A third player is placed middle back. Coaches hit balls from the opposite pin and the players must react and attempt to dig ball to the box he has marked on the floor.

Close Out Game

Two teams compete beginning with the score tied at 19. All normal rules apply. Once one team gets to 23, they must close out the set by winning the next two points. In the fail to win the next two, they must go back to 19. This is great for creating the mindset you need to win. Get the last two point of every set.

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