Blocking Drill

Would you win more matches if your team blocked better? Would you win more matches if they transitioned better? In this post, you will get a blocking drill to work on both of these key skills.

In the clip below Brian Rosen, Carolina Juniors Volleyball Club Assistant Director and Coach;
Davidson College Assistant Coach; demonstrates a blocking drill that incorporates transitioning off the net and attacking.

The set-up of the blocking/transitioning drill is as follows:

Begin with three hitters at the net and a setter positioned off the net. On the coach’s call, the players will simulate blocks. First the middle and outside will move to block the one and then all three players will swing block to the outside. Once the players have touched the ground on the swing block, they must transition off the net and become hitters. As the blockers are transitioning, the setter must move in and receive a pass from the coach and set one of the three hitters. The three hitters rotate out and three new ones come in.

After a designated number of repetitions, Coach Rosen will now have the players block the three before swinging out to block. Once again the hitters transition off the net and the setter moves in to receive a pass from the coach. The setter will then set one of the three hitters. After several repetitions, add players on the other side to block the attack to make the drill more game like.

This blocking drill is just one of many that Coach Rosen shares in his instructional DVD.The emphasis of the video is to teach blockers not just the proper footwork and movements, but how to read and react to the offense and how to communicate with the other blockers to become an effective defense. For more information about the DVD and how to purchase it click the link Best of Club Volleyball: Blocking

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. Note that some schools block access to YouTube

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