Columbus Drill: Ball Control

The Columbus Drill is a cooperative drill that requires ball control and communication

In the video clip below Craig Skinner, University of Kentucky Head Coach; 2017 SEC Co-Coach of the Year – 2x SEC Coach of the Year; explains and demonstrates a cooperative ball control drill that he calls the Columbus Drill

The Columbus drill is played 6v6 and begins with a coach entering the ball to one side. The pattern is as follows. The person receiving the ball will pass to the right front who will then set the ball to the left front. The left front will snap the ball in a controlled fashion to the other side. The other side will repeat the same sequence.  Pass to right front, set to left front and then snap the ball over.

The goal is to pass the ball over the net 10 times consecutively. Here are a few rules:

  • The players passing to the right front must call out the name of the player, if not you go back to zero.
  • Each player on the team must say the “number” as the ball passes over the net, if not you go back to zero.
  • If a free ball is played it is considered a wash. It doesn’t count, but you do not have to go back to zero
  • Players will rotate each time you start over.

This drill is cooperative and requires concentration and communication.

The Columbus Drill is just an example of what is contained in Coach Skinners instructional DVD. For more information about that product click the link Implementing a Volleyball-Specific Start to Your Practice: Team Warm-Up Drills

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your speakers are turned on and the volume is turned up. Please note that some schools block access to YouTube.

Click the arrow to play the video

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