Digging Drill: Double Decker

You hear it all the time “Defense wins Championships”.  While it is true that in all sports defense is critically important, it is even more important in volleyball. In our sport your offense starts with your defense. In the clip below former Louisville coach Anne Kordes demonstrates a digging drill she calls Double Decker Defense.

In this digging drill the players are simulating defending against a pin attack. The drill begins with a either a left or right back row player in base position. On coaches signal she will move to her read position down the line for an attack by a pin player.  The coach will a ball down the line to the defensive player and she must angle her platform to the target. The players will face into the court to receive a cross court attack by a pin player. A second coach will hit a ball at the player from cross court. The defensive player must angle her platform to the middle and make a quality pass so that the offense can be set.

If the players begin to swing their platform simply slow the ball down. Players should angle the platform to the target as opposed to swinging. The drill should be completed from both sides and from the middle back.

This digging drill is taken from Coach Kordes’ DVD entitled Individual Defense Fundamentals for Volleyball.

In the DVD she show you  how to put your athletes through a progression of drills including: Platform Series; Dig & Chase Run Through; ; Competitive Defense; Survivor Game and Bring It Baby! in addition to the Double Decker Defense Digging Drill. For more information about the DVD click the link above or on the image below the video.

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. Please note that some schools block access to YouTube



Here is a link to Coach Kordes DVD:  Individual Defense Fundamentals for Volleyball

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