Doubles: A Pass, Set, Spike Drill

Here is a drill that incorporates three skills: Passing, Setting and Hitting

In the clip below from Krossover, you will see a simple drill that your players will love to do. This is a very good warm-up drill that could be done every practice. Here are the basics of the drill called Doubles:

  • The setter begins by tossing the ball to a passer
  • The passer next pass a nice high pass to the setter
  • The passer then uses a three shuffle step transition foot pattern to a four step approach
  • The setter will give set the ball and the passer will attack

This drill is part of a complete course found on CoachTube. For more information about this course click the linkĀ The Best of Volleyball Coaching

The video below has audio, so please make sure that your speakers are on. Click the arrow to play the clip.

Volleyball Tips & Drills Video Library from on Vimeo.

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