Cross Net Pepper: Volleyball Warm-up Drill

Most coaches have a set routine warm-up that they put their teams through both at practice and games. We generally have a different volleyball warm-up drill for each skill.  In the video clip below  Bond Shymansky,  formerly the head coach at both Georgia Tech and Marquette and currently the head coach at Iowa, demonstrates a volleyball warm-up drill that is multi dimensional. He prefers these this type of drill, that he says “feels more like volleyball”.

This volleyball warm-up drill that called Cross Net Pepper is just one of several drills that Coach Shymansky  shares in his practice drill DVD. His drills are designed to  create a practice atmosphere that will increase your players’ volleyball IQ, maintain high energy, maximize ball touches and increase the competitiveness of your team.

For more information about his DVD click the link AAU Coaching Girls Volleyball: High Energy, High Rep Practice Drills

The Cross Net Pepper volleyball warm-up drill is played 2 v 2. One set of four players are playing on the left side and the other set of four players on the right side.  Each team has one front row and one back row player. Extra players can rotate in. The drill begins when one team tosses a ball to the back row player across the net. The back row player then passes to the front row player. The front row player then sets the ball to the back row player who hit the ball across the net. The front row of the defense attempts to block, thus requiring the hitter to read and hit around the block. The point is played out back and forth with the hit coming from the back row. Coach uses a 1 minute cycle and then rotates new players in and back row to front row.

He prefers this type of volleyball warm-up drill as it looks more like volleyball. Players are jumping, setting, hitting blocking and covering. They have to read and react meaning they are not only warming up, but also developing volleyball IQ at the same time.

I have also included a second volleyball warm-up drill that he calls Continuous Butterfly. This drill is similar to cross net pepper, but requires a high level of communication and adds movement as the players change positons after each touch.

The YouTube videos below have sound so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. Some schools block access to YouTube.

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