Dynamic Footwork: Three Step Attack

The following video is a great example of a coach breaking down a key skill into its most fundamental components. Having hitters that can attack effectively is critical. There are many components to being an effective hitter, but everything starts with the perfect approach. No matter how skilled they are, a hitter can be no better that their approach. In the video below provided by Championship Productions Anne Kordes, former Head Coach at the University of Louisville and 2010 and 2011 USA Select National Team Lead Coach, does a great job of breaking down the three step approach.

The YouTube video has sound. Please make sure your sound is on and that you are able to access the site.

This lesson is just one in a series of lessons and drills on the fundamentals of attacking. For more information about the DVD this lesson came from click the link Attacking Fundamentals for Volleyball

To begin the approach for right handed hitters (just reverse instruction for left handed players) the right foot will be forward and the player will have most all of their weight on that foot. In other words the player is loaded on the right foot and ready to explode forward. The players should be angled towards the setter.

The player will then take a directional step forward with the left towards the setter. As the left foot lands the player needs to turn their hip and point their toes to the setter. Simultaneously they will swing their arms back in anticipation of exploding on the next two steps. They are now loaded on their left side. Their body position is almost as if they are preparing to dive.

The last two steps are actually happening at the same time. The right leg will land first followed by the left. So the last two steps are really a jump off the left leg with a quick right-left landing.The players should land low facing the setter with their arms ready to swing up with an explosive jump. This quick right-left step helps them build their momentum up into their jump.

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