Fab 50: Digging a Hot Ball

In the video clip below Mike Lingenfelter, Munciana Samurai head coach and four time national champion, runs the “Fab 50” drill to train players how to communicate with each other and dig balls on defense.

This drill is great for working on digging balls that are hit with power. The drill is also great for your setters, as they are extremely active. The drill can be helpful for teams that have trouble with balls hit between their players. It is very fast moving and has measuring component.

Like all of the drills I post on the site, you can modify this drill and what you emphasize to fit what you are looking to work on with your team.

The Fab 50 is just one of several fast paced intense drills that Coach Lingenfelter has included in multiple DVD package. For more info in the DVD that this drill came from,click the link All Access Volleyball Practice with Mike Lingenfelter

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site ( Many school block access to YouTube)

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