Hyperventilate: High Energy Drill

Below is a drill designed to help your defense and passing, but also increase the intensity and energy level in the gym. Anytime you can run a drill that teaches a skill and increases your intensity and energy level, you should consider adding it to your practice. These type of drills not only teach a skill, but effectively increase the effectiveness of subsequent drills in practice.

In the clip below Nancy Dorsey, St. James Academy (KS) Head Coach;2015 AVCA National High School Coach of the Year and 7-Time Kansas Class 5A state champion; demonstrates what she calls “Hyperventilate”. The drill comes from a complete DVD to help you with your practices. For more more information about the DVD click the link High School Volleyball: Dynamic Practice Design and Drills

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site.


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