Libero Drills: The Rock and Roll

The play of your Libero can have a tremendous impact on your team. The Libero’s play is not only key to your defense but her play also sets up your attack.  The video below is provided by Championship Productions and will give you excellent insight into a high quality recovery drill for your Liberos! Formerly, one of the world’s best Liberos, Sarah Drury-Petkovic, walks a player through the “Rock and Roll” move designed to get a player off the floor quickly and back into an athletic position, ready to cover the next ball.

There sound with the video, so please make sure that your sound is on. The video is a You Tube video, so you will need to be able to access that site. Press the play arrow for the video to start.

If you are interested in learning more about the DVD the sample came from click on this link Becoming a Champion Libero

The Rock and Roll Drill is a simple breakdown drill that can be used to teach your Libero the fastest method to get up off the floor after going to the ground to dig a ball.  Initially have your player begin by laying on the floor with their back on the ground. One leg will be straight and the other is bent with the knee towards the chest. From this position the player will roll to the side of the straight leg and bring the bent leg over and plant that flexed foot on the ground. Then push up off the ground,with the help of the arm on that side,  and get in a great recover position.

Once that is mastered, the player begins in an upright position. They player will then step with one leg, push with that leg and then extend out with one arm. Once on the ground the player will roll on to their back and turn their bent leg inward as the roll over. The teaching point is that the leg that you step with will be the bent leg. The other leg will remain straight throughout and help the player roll over and get up into a great cover position

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