Out of System Attack

Good volleyball teams attack effectively when they make a good first pass to the setter. Great volleyball teams are coached to execute an effective out of system attack. If your team is going to be able to attack when the first contact is not perfect, then you will need to incorporate out of system attack drills

In the video clip below Wingate Head Coach Shelton Collier, shows you two different drills that he utilizes to improve his team’s ability to attack out of system. The drills are designed to help make the setter more comfortable with setting a ball out of system.

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The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site.(Some schools block access to the site. If you can not view the clip, see your network administrator)

Coach Collier’s first drill is designed to get the setter more comfortable with the out of system pass. In this drill the ball is tossed into play and the first ball is intentionally passed out of system. Coach Collier discusses the importance of reversing the ball. The hitters are instructed to “delay step” so that they can be moving into the ball as they attack.

The second drill is called the virus drill. This out of system drill is started with a ball tossed to a coach. The coach will then pass the ball inside out in order to create some chaos and create an out of system attack opportunity. The goal is to put the ball up in the air, get a good set and put a swing on the ball. After the hit, a second ball will be tossed in quickly and another out of system attack will be initiated.

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