Passing Consistency

How can you improve  your team’s passing consistency and serve receive? In this video Western Kentucky Head Coach Travis Hudson shares a key coaching point to help players be more consistent in their passing.

While it would be nice if players were able to take every ball in the middle of their body, the reality is that they often must receive ball outside of the midline of their bodies. Coach Hudson offers the following coaching point to help players improve their passing consistency on balls that they receive are outside their midline. He tells his players that if the ball is between them and the sideline they should be aggressive with their hands and extend forward. Their hands must get in front of their body line in order to get the ball on the target line. This is true not matter where they are on the court.

In the event that the ball is between the player and the middle of the court, the player must be patient. They will play the ball behind their body line in order to get the ball on the target line. This rule applies no matter where the player is on the court. Too often players will play the ball that is to the side of them with their arms even with their body. The result is that the ball is passed straight forward and away from the target line.

In the clip Coach Hudson demonstrates this simple concept. Coach Hudson’s techniques have made his program one of the most consistent ball control teams in the country. This clip is from his instruction DVD: Developing Consistency in Serve Receive & Passing.  In his DVD he shares 14 drills that he utilizes as well as his philosophy that allows players to be in a consistent position in order to get reliable results. For more information about that DVD click the link above.

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. Note that some schools block access to YouTube.

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