Pingle Drill

If you are looking an attack that you can use to complement your offensive attack, you might like the Pingle Drill demonstrated in the clip below by Purdue Coach Dave Shondell.

The Pingle Drill requires the hitter to utilize a two step approach into one foot take off.

The hitter should attack the ball about halfway between the setter and and the pin.

This is a very simple drill helps to teach an alternative attack for your team.

Coach Shondell simply stands on a box a tosses the B-set to the hitter and they attack the ball with a right foot then left foot approach and take off on one foot.

This drill is just one of many drills that you can gain access to in the DVD All Access Volleyball Practice with Dave Shondell

Coach Shondell has guided the Boilermakers to seven Sweet Sixteens and into the Elite 8 twice The dvd gives you full access to four  preseason practices.

The YouTube video below has sound, so please make sure that your audio is turned on and that you have access to the site.

Please note that some schools block access to YouTube. Press the arrow to play.


For a more detailed explanation of the DVD that this clip was taken from, click the link All Access Volleyball Practice with Dave Shondell or on the image below

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