Situational Serving

This post is about situational serving. We all know how critical serving is to success in volleyball. There are certainly important fundamentals to be taught with float, topspin and jump serves.  Players absolutely need quality instruction and numerous repetitions to master the various serves.  They also need to be able to hit them to various parts of the court.   There is, however, much more to being an effective serving team than simply executing the fundamentals of the serve.

In the clip below  Coach Jen DeJarld, Head Coach at Mother McAuley (IL) High School  and  Named 2016 National Coach of the Year, discusses situational serving.  The goal of the situational serving is to disrupt the opponents’ offense, take them out of system or stop their best hitter. This is based on scouting and game plan strategy developed by the coach.  In the video Coach DeJarld discusses how to use situational serving to reduce the effectiveness of your opponents best hitter.

This situational serving clip is just a small portion of Coach DeJarld’s presentation on how to use the serve to disrupt your opponents offense and is from her DVD entitled Serving Drills & Strategies to Win. In addition to her instruction on situational serving the DVD also includes instruction on different types of serves like float, topspin, jump float and jump float spin. She also also shares drills that help players to serve to various locations.

If you are interested in learning more about Coach DeJarld’s DVD, just click the link Serving Drills & Strategies to Win

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. If you are watching from school, please note that some schools block access to YouTube. If you are having trouble viewing the clip while at school, please contact your network administrator.


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