Swing Mechanics

Proper swing mechanics of the arm swing will result in more powerful attacks and fewer injuries. In this clip you will see key teaching points for proper swing mechanics as well as common mistakes made by players.

Coach Terry Miller is the presenter in this clip. The Swing Mechanics discussion is just one part of his presentation on Hitting Fundamentals. You can gain access to the entire presentation at Glazier Volleyball ClinicsHis presentation also includes instruction the approach, setting systems and many video examples.

Coach Miller believes that many problems can be solved by teaching your athletes to use their left arm (for right-handed hitters) to measure the ball.  By measuring the ball he means, tracking the ball and extending the left arm and point to where you think it will be. This will allow the athlete to swim with that arm and get the benefit of a full shoulder turn. Without the left arm extended the hitter will lose power and his also more likely to dip their shoulder, thus causing more ball to clip the net.

The hitter should also be reminded to keep their right elbow above their shoulder. They should lead with the elbow and connect over top. Their backs should be arched back. This will allow them to utilize their core and produce much more power. If the hitter is straight, she will not be able to use her core effectively and will become an arm hitter. She will be less powerful and could potentially develop shoulder problems.

The most common mistakes:

  1. Left shoulder dip – correct by having them reach and point with their left hand.
  2. Hitting elbow below the shoulder – Correct by telling them to lead with the elbow
  3. Bad Choices – teach them to take what the set gives you.
  4. Landing on one foot – teach them to land softly on two feet.

The video below has audio, please make that your volume is turned up. Click the arrow to play the video.



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