Turn and Burn Drill

Do you need to improve your team defense? Do you need to improve communication between players? If you are like most coaches, you are always looking to improve in these areas. In this post you will see a video of Coach Mike Lingenfelter’s Turn and Burn Drill that will give you an opportunity to work on both your defense and communication.

Coach Lingengfelter, Munciana Samurai Head Coach and Co-Director Asics Munciana Volleyball and four time national champion, presents this drill from his defensive training dvd. To learn more about that dvd click the link Developing the Elite Defender

This dvd will serve as a blueprint for coaches at every level who want to cover all aspects of defensive training, from mental and emotional, to physical. You will be able to identify the athletes that have the attributes of elite defensive players, and you will learn how expectations, toughness, honesty and discipline are combined with technique, repetition, feedback and encouragement to nourish your athletes into great defensive volleyball players.

The Turn and Burn drill is very simple. Three players begin aligned at the net on one side or the other. The coach will toss a ball deep. The players must sprint to the ball and communicate who will get it.

The players will dig, set, hit and also cover.

Coach Lingenfelter stresses that he also uses this drill with a setter and middle hitter and they work on their middle attack  out of this drill.

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your volume is turned up and that you have access to the site.

Click the arrow to play the video.

If you are watching the video from school, please note that some schools block access to YouTube.

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