Out of System Drills

It is great when your team is  in system; however, the opposition will always be able to get you out of system. The question is are you doing out of system drills that improves your teams ability to attack in those situations.

In the video clip below Ryan Manning, Associate Head Volleyball Coach Western Michigan University demonstrates a series of  out of system drills that are designed to improve your attack. These drills are just a few that are contained in the 50 minute course offered by CoachTube called  Out of System Drills and Organization by Jim Merit. In this course you will see several out of system drills from some of the nations top volleyball coaches. For more information about that course click the link above.

Coach Manning begins his sequence of out of system drills by placing a defender in the back row with a hitter at the net.  A ball is tossed to the defender and she will the set the ball to the hitter. Coach Manning prefers to have the ball set 5 feet in and 5 feet off the net. The hitters job is to get back even with the defense and then wait to attack until the ball is set. The hitters are taught to hit the ball deep cross court or down the line.

In the next drill the defenders are told to set the ball to themselves a random number of times before setting the hitter. This will teach the hitter to wait until the ball is set before the begin their approach.

The third variation in the sequence is to have the hitters attack the defenders and force them to dig the ball. The defender will pass to themselves and then set themselves a random number of times before setting the hitter.

The final version of this out of system attack includes two hitters and two defenders. One of the outside hitters will attack one of the defenders. The defender will dig and pass to the second defender. The second defender then sets one of the two outside hitters.

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The video below has audio, so make sure that your sound is turned on. Click the arrow to play the video.

CoachTube | Coaching and Instructional Videos on Demand – Ryan Manning Out of System Offense from coachtube.com 

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  • Yo says:

    I like the progression. I have done the first half as a coach initiated drill, but i like having the players initiate and have to make decisions for themselves in the final drill. Good stuff!!

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