Setter Attack

The setter attack can add versatility a deception to your offense. Some coaches only want their setters to focus on making a great pass to their hitters. This is always the highest priority for any setter. If you are fortunate enough to have athletic setter, then the setter attack is something that you can add to your offense to counter the defense.

In the video clip below Mark Barnard, head coach of the Australian women’s national team and associate head coach at Oregon State discusses what it takes to execute an effective setter attack.

The clip is from The Art of Coaching Volleyball. You can get many other great coaching ideas by clicking of the link above. You can also view many other volleyball videos at The Art of Coaching Volleyball YouTube Channel

The YouTube video below has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site.(Some schools block access to YouTube)

The keys to executing an effective setter attack are as follows:

1. Getting you feet to the ball. In order for the setter attack to be a possibility, the setter must be in position to have options.
2. The setter must jump set. Jump setting will make the middle blocker respect the possibility that you will set the hitter.
3. Deception. The setter attack requires that the setter keep both hands above their head so as to disguise her intent until the last second.
4. Make good decisions about which passes to set and which to attack
5. Direct the shots to the open spots where it is least likely to be dug.

Three different areas where the setter attack can be directed are to the middle of the floor. In this attack the setter will use her left hand to strike the ball with a quick wrist snap to the center of the floor. Sometimes when the blocker cover her she can use her right hand and hit the ball back behind the block. A third option as the defense adjust is to throw the ball back deep to either zone 1 or zone 5

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