Adjustments to Base Defense: Covering the Middle Tip

As coaches we must be able to select defenses that match with our players strength, while at the same time matching to the strength of our opponents attack. Generally speaking we select a few defensive schemes a then in game planning decide which will be best a particular opponent. However, the most successful coaches are also able to make in game adjustments to their base defense based on how the offense is attacking. There are times when the other coaches has game planned for your base defense and you have to make a quick adjustment.

In the video below, Anne Kordes, University of Louisville Head Coach;
2010 and 2011 USA Select National Team Lead Coach; shows one adjustment that she makes in games to her base defense. In the video she explains how she adjust to help cover tips to the middle.

For more info on the DVD that this clip came from click the link AAU Coaching Girls Volleyball Series: Winning Defensive Systems

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure your sound is turned on.

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