Team Defense: Covering 120 Degrees

Dr. Cecile Reynaud is a well-known volleyball educator and a retired coach of the Florida State Lady Seminoles volleyball team. She believes there are some basic keys to a great team defense. Coach Reynaud’ CoachTube course is called 20 Keys to a Great Team Defense.

The course has several lessons. There are two clip below. The first covers The simple concept of covering 120-degrees. The second found at the bottom is a short clip on defending the middle hit

The videos have sound so please make sure that your sound is turned on.

Further explanation of Keys to A Great Team Defense can be found below the video


Coach Reynaud believes that all great defenses follow three fundamental guiding principles.
1. Put your best blocker in front of their best hitter.
2. Put your best digger in position to receive the most digs.
3. Serve tough to set you team up to have a defensive advantage.

Further more she believes that you should get your defense into a basic set. One in which each defender is spaced such that the team can cover any ball hit by their opponent by having a defender move no more than three steps. For example two outside blockers each each placed an arms length from the side and a third blocker in the middle. The left and right back positioned 2.5 steps in from the side and in the middle of the middle. The middle back should be positioned a bodies length from the end line.

Now assume the opposition is hitting from left side. If the defense moves into position to cover,each player will move themselves so that the are in position to be responsible for covering a 120-degree range. They should be able to get to any ball in their area in three steps or less.

In the example the left outside would cover up the side and back towards the middle. The left back would have up the sideline and the end line. Right back position would have up the sideline and the end line. Middle back would up behind the block. Each player is responsible for using their arms to indicate the 120-degree area the are responsible for covering.


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