A Player’s Job Description

A coaches job is to get players to do their jobs well.  But just exactly what is a player’s job description.

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By Dawn Redd-Kelly, Head Volleyball Coach at Beloit College.


On the surface it seems simple (work hard, be enthusiastic about your sport, be good), but there’s more to it than those three things…though we need those things!  The foundation of every team is built upon those principles, but as our players grow up in our programs, they should:

  • Add energy to every practice and competition,
  • Manage the locker room,
  • Come in early,
  • Stay late,
  • Treat newbies better than they expect,
  • Offer to help teammates before they ask,
  • Make dinner with the team,
  • Leave the team better than you found it,
  • Invent a moment of silliness,
  • Highlight good work from your teammates,
  • Help with recruiting,
  • Get smarter at your sport by watching film,
  • Encourage newbies to speak up,
  • Push teammates to do the hard thing,
  • Talk to coach,
  • Tell a joke at no one’s expense,
  • Celebrate the team’s success.

I tweaked this list from a post over at Seth Godin’s blog.

Are you tired of walking into practice and seeing lackluster effort from your players?  Have you had it with trying to get your female athletes to care about the team as much as you do??

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