Volleyball Competitive Practice Games

Fundamentals are important and must be practiced daily. Players may or may not look forward to those drills. That’s ok. Not everything has to be fun. To be great, we have to put in the work. There are no short cuts. However, there are times when we need to consider mixing things up. Players need to have certain drills that they think are fun. Drills that get them excited when they see them of the practice schedule. Below are two fun volleyball games, that you can use to have some fun and also get some good work in.

The video below is a clip from a Glazier Volleyball Clinic. The presenter is Terry Miller, head coach at Cherokee Hills High School. The clip is from his presentation entitled Volleyball Team Drills in which he shares a collection of volleyball games and drills that would be a great addition to your coaching toolbox. To gain access to coach Miller’s entire presentation as well as hundreds of other presentations click the link Glazier Clinics Vault You may also clinc the link Glazier Volleyball Clinics if you are interested in attending on of their clinics.

The first of two volleyball games/drills is called “Baseball”. The game is played 6v6. The rules are very simple. The serving team continues to serve until they make three outs. An out is any point that the serving team does not win. In other words they serve until they lose three points. Every time they win a point they score a run. Once the receiving team records three outs, they will serve. They score a run each time they win point and will serve until they lose three points. An innings consists of each team serving once. This volleyball game may be played for as many innings as you wish. Coach Miller recommends three innings.

The second volleyball game is called “Jail Time”. This game begins 6v6. A coach with a basket of ball is placed on each side of the net. One coach will deliver a free ball to the team on the opposite side of the net. Their goal is to get a kill on the first attempt. If they do get a kill, they get a point. The defending team’s goal is to get two touches. If they are successful, no points are awarded and they now receive a free ball. The defending team never returns the ball. They simply try to get a second touch. If they do the point is over and they get the next free ball. If the attacking team were to make an error, they would lose a point.

This game is played to 10. If at anytime during the game a team gets a two point advantage, they may chose a back row player from the other team to “Go to Jail”. The player remains in jail until the game is over or until the scored is tied again. If his/her team ties the score he/she is allowed out of jail. Only one player can be in jail at a time.

The clip below has sound so please make sure that your sound is turned on.


  • Ed Weber says:

    What if the defense successfully blocks the attack? It’s not two touches? Is that considered an error and a loss of point?
    Also , I’m guessing a partial block is not considered a ‘touch’ and a dig and set are still reguired for a wash ?

    • volleyballtb says:

      You are correct on both points. A successful block would be a loss of point for the attacking team. A partial block would still require two touches for a wash.

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