Volleyball Passing Fundamentals

Teaching passing fundamentals is usually one of the top priorities in a volleyball program. Passing the volleyball is so very critical to your teams success, that most coaches prioritize this skill in their feeder system or on their lower level teams.

For high school school varsity coaches it is sometimes impossible for them to attend lower level practices and help with the instruction of passing fundamentals. We must rely on our coaches at that level and many times they are not as skilled or knowledgeable as the varsity coach.

Below is a video that could be used to help your lower level coaches instruct the proper passing fundamentals. In the clip Terry Liskevych, Oregon State Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, clearly and effective demonstrates the proper stance, platform and other passing fundamentals.

The clip is from the Team USA YouTube Channel. You can click the link to see other videos that could be great tools to use in your program.

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. (Some schools block access to YouTube)

In the Passing Fundamentals lesson Coach Liskevych stress that first and foremost the player should be in a relaxed medium position. Meaning that:
1. Feet should be shoulder width apart.
2. Balance should be on the inside of the feet not the heels.
3. The players should have “knocked knees” and be slightly “pigeon toed”.
4. One foot in front of the other
5. Bent over such that the shoulders are in front of the knees and knees in front of the toes.

Proper passing fundamentals also requires proper platform. Coach Liskevych desribes the position as being like a stiff board from the shoulder to the wrist with no bend in the elbow. Players should make contact on the sweet spot between the hands and elbow. The platform should always be angled towards the target. The platform should never swing above the chest and should always follow the ball to the target.

He also suggest the all high balls should be played overhand.

I think this video is most useful in helping your lower level coaches teach proper passing fundamentals.

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