Rhythm Drill

If you are like most coaches you are always looking for something new to add to you practice or training sessions. In the video clip below from a recent Glazier Volleyball Clinic Stephen Fenton, Head Girls’/Boys’ Volleyball Coach at Hunterdon Central High School (NJ), discusses rhythm as it pertains to volleyball.  He also offers an interesting Rhythm Drill .

I think this a drill that your players would enjoy and could be a nice addition to you drill library. Like all drills you may use it exactly as presented, or you may use your own imagination and create a version that is better for you and your team.

The Rhythm Drill is played 6 v 6 and begins with normal play and scoring for the first 10 points. I like this as it gets the players into play/competition mode. After the 10th point things change. Now a team can lose a point on an unforced error and gain a point if they “earn” a point.  Also after the 10th point, coaches are allowed to call “Rhythm” when they see a team in rhythm on offense or defense. Once a coach calls “Rhythm” play is stopped.  The team that has “Rhythm” will be awarded three free balls.

If they score a point on the first free ball its worth one, If they do not score a point on the first free ball, then they will get one point if the score on the second free ball. Should they fail to score with their second free ball, then they will be playing their third free ball for a chance to win 1 point.  If  they were to win the point on their first free ball, then they would play be playing the second free ball for a chance to win two points. Should they win the second point, then the third ball would be worth three points.

After the three free balls are played, the scoring continues as before. Lose a point on an unforced error and get one point if a teams earns it with a good play. This continues until another “Rhythm” call is made. First to 25 wins.

If you are interested gaining access to Coach Fenton’s entire presentation on Developing Tempo and Rhythm, you can click the link Glazier Clinic Vault. A subscription will also get you access to hundreds of other clinic presentations.

The clip has sound, so make sure your sound is turned on

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