Setter Drills

Volleyball coaches must be constantly training our setter and developing the next setter. Their level of play will determine whether or not we are a championship team. In the video clip below Lizzy Stemke, former University of Georgia Head Coach, shows you a progression of setter drills that can be used to develop your setters.

The clip is from a DVD that is dedicated to helping you train your setters. The DVD includes setter drills and instruction on mechanics, movement patterns and setter drills to help your setters become more confident in putting up hittable balls off of difficult passes. For more information about the DVD that this clip came from click the link Progressing Your Setters

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. Some schools block access to YouTube. If you are viewing in a school setting and having trouble getting the video to play, please contact your network administrator.

The following is a brief summary of the Setter Drill Progression demonstrated by Coach Stemke.

The setter is given 10 balls to set. She must set 8 of the 10 balls perfectly in order to progress to the next sequence. If the do not get 8 out of 10 the sequence must be repeated.

First Sequence – the setter will receive two different types of passes.(10 total)
The first pass is a perfect pass the must be set out (forward) She calls it a Go ball
The second pass is off the net and must be set back. She call this a Gus

Second Sequence – The setter receives two different types of passes (10 total)
The first pass is forward and is set to the outside
The second pass is off the net and also set outside

Third Sequence – The setter receives two different types of passes (10 total)
The first pass is perfect and the setter must execute a jump set backward (Gus)
The second pass is set far off the set. The setter uses and inside spin and sets out

You can obviously add other sequences to the drill using your own imagination. You can also change the criteria for success based on the skill level of your setters.

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