Slide Hit

The slide hit is an important offensive tool for a teams offense. The slide hit is a high percentage attack. The blockers have difficulty determining the exact position of attack and when executing a slide hit the hitter has several options of attack. She may go down the line or cross court. When going cross court she will usually be attacking the opposing setter.

In the clip below you will see a breakdown of the mechanics of executing an effective slide hit. The video was produced by Volleyball Training Solutions and was a featured on the AVCA Volleyball YouTube Channel. The video was shot at at former US National Team and Olympic Coach Toshi Yoshida’s gymnasium. For other videos to help you prepare your team, click on either or both of the links above.

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. (some schools block access to YouTube)

The components for running an effective slide hit are the approach, the take off and the arm swing. The approach is a running motion with long strides. The slide hitter should have elbows bent and move slow to fast as she reaches the point of attack. On take off the left foot should be planted well in front of the net so as to remain behind the ball. To execute the slide hit the hitter should drift forward and horizontally to the ball. This makes it very difficult for the block to know where the point of attack will be. The timing for a tight slide hit is the hitter should leave the ground just as the ball is set. She should drive her right knee high and draw her elbow way back. To attack she should rotate her shoulders to the ball. Finally, the hitter extends her elbow upwards thus throwing the hands vertically to the ball. The end result is that contact should be made with full extension of the arm and the ball out in front of the hitting shoulder.

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