Out of System Scramble Drill

No matter how skilled your volleyball team is, there will be times when play becomes chaotic. It is impossible to dig every ball and pass perfectly to the setter who in turn puts the ball in perfect position for the hitter. Scramble situations will occur and your team will be forced to play out of system. There are many ways to practice this scenario. In the video below you will see an out of system scramble drill that will give your team the chance to convert chaos into control.

The video features Suzie Fritz, Kansas State University head coach and two-time Big 12 Coach of the Year. She shows demonstrates an out of system scramble drill that she use to help train her team to deal with chaos and experience a variety of transition situations. The drill teaches players to leave the ball safe for the outside hitters during chaotic situations. You outside hitters will have to opportunity to manage out of system or bad set situations.

The clip is from a DVD that will help your team get comfortable with uncomfortable transition situations. You will learn to train players to dig to the heart of the court and create a usable ball for your offense. It also covers getting your middle hitters some “daylight” in transition so that they more visible to the setter. She also shows how to train hitters to use proper footwork in transition, eliminate wasted steps and become more productive. For more information on purchasing this DVD click the link Touch and Turn in Transition

The YouTube video below has sound, so please make sure that the sound is turned on and that you have access to the site.

The out of system scramble drill begins with the coach bouncing the ball into one side. The bounce is played as if it is the dig. The players must scramble and try and pass a safe ball to one of the outside hitters. Once the point is over, the coach will bounce the ball into to the team that one the point. The point of the out of system scramble drill is to give your player the opportunity to convert chaos into control.


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