Plyometric Exercises for Volleyball Players

Plyometric exercises for volleyball players can certainly help to improve their vertical jump. In the video clip below Penn State University head strength and conditioning coach, Cameron Davidson, demonstrates plyometric exercises for volleyball players using hurdles that generate explosiveness and core strength.

Keep in mind that in order to reap the maximum benefits of plyometric exercises, volleyball players should first develop a basic level of strength by participating in a sport specific resistance training program. Doing plyometric exercises without first developing basic strength will greatly reduce the benefits of doing plyometric exercises.

For more information the DVD that this clip from click the link 150 Strength and Conditioning Exercises for Volleyball and learn how Coach Davidson trains the powerful Penn State Volleyball Team.

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that the sound is turned on and that you have access to the site (Some schools block access to YouTube)

The following is a summary of the Plyometric Exercises for Volleyball Players as presented by Cameron Davidson, Penn State head strength and conditioning coach.

1. Forward Jump Pauses

Players jump up and over the hurdle. The land in squat position and stay in that position until the coach signals them to jump over the next hurdle.

Key coaching points include: Push your feet into the ground and swing, or cycle your arms

2. Continuous Jumps

Same as previous exercise without the pause. Players move quickly jumping high over the hurdles without pausing in between.

Key coaching points include: Keep Your Torso Tall, Knees high, Cycle your arms

3. Quick Jumps (Multiple Angles) – Over smaller hurdles

Here the athletes are jumping lower and quicker as they move through the hurdles. First facing forward and then facing to each side. The emphasis here is getting off the ground quickly.

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