Core Exercises for Volleyball

Finding time to implement a strength and conditioning into your high school program can be challenging. During the season you have limited time with matches and practices taking most of your time. In the off season, many players play another sport. In the video clip below Nancy Dorsey, St. James Academy (KS) Head Coach; 2015 AVCA National High School Coach of the Year; Seven time Kansas (5A) State Champion, show you a series of core exercises that she incorporates into her in season program.

The core exercises, as well as some other strength training exercises, are all simple, require little equipment and can easily be done during or at the end of practice.  Coach Dorsey divides the workout into sets. She utilizes 5 different sets that emphasize core exercises and push ups. She normally completes two or three sets during practice. In the clip below she demonstrates one set that contains four different exercises.

To find out more about the other sets and to learn about her complete program, click the link Strength & Conditioning for High School Volleyball.  This DVD contains a combination of 70+ drills to teach agility, balance, coordination, speed, and power.

The YouTube video below has sound so please makes sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to YouTube. Some schools block access to YouTube.

Strength and Condition Set 1 (of 5)

1. Regular Push ups( 10x)
2. Russian Twist (20x)
Player sits on their bottom with the feet off the ground
With a med ball in their hands the twist side to side moving the ball from one side to the other
3. Wood Chop (10x each side)
Player is standing
Med ball raised above the shoulder on one side and then brought down below the knees on the opposite
side and the raised back up to the original position.
Players hips should be loaded and their butts out
4. Front Plank (30 seconds)
elbows and toes on the ground. Keep the back flat. Tighten the core and hold the position

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