Coaching Like A Champion

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Becoming a champion is about more than lifting a trophy. Champions embrace a lifestyle that goes far beyond success in athletics and strive for greatness in everything they do. By developing this type of mentality, coaches will be able to look past wins and losses and guide their athletes to success. Try emulating these 10 traits of champions that will help you inspire greatness.

In his book “The Way of the Champion,” Dr. Jerry Lynch describes this lifestyle as a choice. “It starts now by acting as a champion…committing yourself to the habits and ways of a champion, and choosing to engage in a lifestylethat demonstrates such qualities and characteristics on a consistent, daily basis,” he writes. A lot of coaches want to achieve great things, but they will need to make conscious choices every day in order to get there.

John O’ Sullivan of Changing the Game Project has used his years of coaching and mentoring experience to identify what it takes to be great. In an article on the website, O’Sullivan details 10 characteristics of champions to help guide you on your coaching journey:

1. Champions know that “Well done is better than well said”

As Ben Franklin suggests in this famous saying, champions lead by example. Use your actions every day to set the standard for those around you. Inspire your athletes and fellow coaches with your work ethic and drive to do things right.

2. Champions possess fearlessness

Never be afraid to fail. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn and provide valuable moments for any coach. When facing adversity or criticism, use this as motivation and have confidence in your ability to improve.

3. Champions have a tenacious focus on the process

Success requires a constant commitment to excellence. From daily decisions that nobody will see to long-term goals, stay focused on what is driving you forward. Find joy in the everyday grind because coaching is about the journey and not the destination.

4. Champions control the ‘controllables’

Don’t waste time complaining about things you can’t control. Whether it’s officials, field conditions, bad decisions, or cheating opponents, spending your time looking for excuses only distracts from the ways that you can make a positive difference. Take care of the little things and try to get better every day.

5. Champions see the opponent as their partner in achieving excellence

Your opponent should not be the enemy. Rather, those you compete against are fellow travelers on the journey of athletics. Embrace good competition. Motivate your athletes to be the best they can be and not to measure themselves against others.

6. Champions focus on what they can give their team

Instead of asking yourself what your team can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for your team. It’s easy to focus on winning records, but what’s more important is finding ways to benefit those around you. Be a giver and not a taker.

7. Champions have the will to prepare relentlessly

Regardless of winning any titles, champions continue to work as hard as they can to get better. This means pushing through the tough moments even when there’s no glory involved. Always look for ways to improve, even when no one else is around.

8. Champions are humble

No matter how many wins you accumulate, it’s important to always keep things in perspective. Never look at yourself as too big for a small task. Even if that means picking up equipment after practice or helping a player who may never get any playing time.

9. Champions don’t focus on winning; they focus on competing

Every challenge is an opportunity. Embrace the value that training and competing provide. When you start worrying more about the outcome than the process, you’ll lose sight of what’s truly important.

10. Champions understand that excellence is a way of being

Success is not something that you do. It takes hard work, sacrifice, commitment, and good habits. Celebrating the success of others, having a positive attitude, making yourself accountable, loving your team, and staying mindful of your decisions will bring you that much close to being a champion.

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