Communication Delivers Results

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By Dawn Redd-Kelly, Head Volleyball Coach at Beloit College.

Communication builds trust. Trust generates commitment. Commitment fosters teamwork. Teamwork delivers results.”–Jon Gordon

You want results?  Jon Gordon knows how to help.

  1. Communication builds trust. For the most part, the time of the coach who just hollers, but doesn’t explain has passed.  Have a communication plan for your team.  Whether it’s weekly check-ins or regular individual meetings.  Tell your team your vision for the program…and recruits…and your team’s parents.  Everyone should know why you love coaching/your sport and where you think your team is going.
  2. Trust generates commitment. If you’re one of those coaches who is trying to figure out how to get their team to be committed in the off-season or to hold their teammates accountable, building trust is key.  Trust between the coaching staff, trust between athlete and coach, and trust between the athletes.
  3. Commitment fosters teamwork. This is the good stuff! Teamwork means you’ve got players who don’t care about playing time, who are willing to sacrifice their personal desires for the greater good, who lead or follow as your team dynamics require.  Teamwork is competitive, cooperative, and collaborative…not combative.
  4. Teamwork delivers results. If you continually put in the work mentioned in the previous points, then you can bask in the wonderfulness that is a well-functioning team.

As you can see, this has to be intentional, but it’s good work and well worth the effort.


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