How to Communicate Your Vision to the Team

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By Coach Dawn Redd-Kelly,Head Volleyball Coach at Beloit College.

“When leaders discuss their organizations’ vision in a specific way, not only is the vision better understood, the leaders are also seen as being more effective in general.”—Fast Company

A team vision is only as good as the people who know and believe in it.  Here are 5 areas we should cover in order to make sure our program vision has a dynamic impact.

  1. Inspiration: Create a way of talking about your vision that is engaging and exciting…to both you and the listener!
  2. Challenge: Formulate a vision that challenges your players to be their best selves…on and off the playing field.
  3. Clarity: Focus on simplicity. Your vision should be easily stated and easily remember by all who hear it.
  4. Task-specific: Build a vision that can be used by your All-American as well as your player who never, ever gets…and will never, ever get any playing time.
  5. Inclusion: Talk in “we’s” and “ours’”. Instead of saying, “my vision for the program is to…”, we should say, “this is who we are and this is who we want to be and we’re going to do it together.”

Who succeeds on your team?  What type of player are you looking for?  What would you want an outside coach watching your practice to say about your team?  Put that in your vision and make sure everyone involved in your program knows it!


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