One Club’s Secret to Increasing Player Recruitment and Growing Their Program

Players join clubs to gain a competitive advantage and be seen by recruiters at the next level.

In a recent Hudl survey of 1,000 club athletes, more than 56 percent of respondents said their main motivation for playing was earning a scholarship to compete at the college level.

This means club athletes don’t stick with an organization if they aren’t getting the competition or coaching that will help them reach their goals.

More than 75 percent of athletes will change clubs at least once during their careers, and 55 percent will play for at least three.

Michigan Elite is one of the largest volleyball clubs in the Great Lakes region with more than 1,500 athletes and 150+ teams across five locations.

The club started using Hudl’s video review and analysis software in 2012 to retain and attract talent, and give players the tools they need to succeed.

Highlight reels were one of the key features Hudl provided for the club.

Coaches and players could easily create and share top moments with college coaches, which streamlined the recruiting process—and increased scholarship offers.

In their six years of using Hudl, Michigan Elite has seen 123 players recruited to play volleyball at the college level. Their club continues to grow due to its reputation for getting players noticed. (Learn more about how video benefits their club.)

Michigan Elite players aren’t the only ones learning the value of video—78 percent of club athletes surveyed said it was very important to their recruiting process.

The bottom line: If you want to attract and keep top talent, give your players the tools to prepare for the next stage of their careers. Step one is creating the perfect highlight reel.

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