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The purpose of this post is not to say that you should run your Parent’s Meeting like this, but just to stimulate your thinking on how you can make your Parent’s Meeting as productive as possible.  It is more than a task to complete on the season checklist, it is an important opportunity to build positive rapport with your athlete’s parents!

The coach/parent relationship is extremely important, and as we all know, is one of the most difficult parts of coaching. I believe that holding a pre-season parent meeting will help to communicate with the parents in mass in a non-confrontational way. After our meeting, we open the practice to parents to watch.

The agenda that I have used for our parent meetings is outlined below

We start off with this quote from Lou Holtz:

I don’t think coaching is about making a million dollars a year. I don’t think coaching is about winning championships. I don’t think coaching is about going to a great school. I think coaching is about helping young people have a chance to succeed. There is no more awesome responsibility than that. I think one of the greatest honors a person can have is to be called ‘Coach.’ ”
—Lou Holtz


1. Thank you for your attendance and for dealing with our practice times throughout the year—there are seven different practice times and game schedules being played right now.
2. Coaching Staff and attendance for information purpose.
3. Goal #1 for coaches: Establish a life—long relationship with each participant that cannot be broken.
Goal #2 for coaches: Assist in the development of all aspects of the life of the participants. Goal #1 for participants: Have the most rewarding season of his/her career to this point in our sport.
4. Cost to parents

5. Relationship of coach and parents
A. I look forward to a friendly, professional, and productive relationship with every parent.
B. Roles—Play, coach, officiate, support (Each of us should stick to one of those roles ONLY)
C. Please be supportive—“Listen to your coaches about (volleyball, soccer, football, baseball, whatever the sport is)” is the best advice to give. I have an entire program to consider. Over 100 students in grades 5-12.
D. Notebook—please look at your son/daughter’s team notebook that we provide him/her.  It will helps you understand our philosophy
E. Playing time—Coach’s decision and is not negotiable
F. Role in program or program level (varsity, JV, Freshman)—Coach’s decision and not negotiable
G. Strategy—Coach’s decision and not negotiable
H. I will not discuss other players with parents
I. I will talk to you about any other area that can help your child
J. Please support our priorities—again, please see your player’s notebooks.  We put their personal spirituality, family, health, citizenship, and academics as higher priorities than volleyball.  I would rather have him miss practice for a Dr. appointment than to miss a class.  Of course, I would prefer he not miss class or practice, but if a choice has to be made, he would be excused from practice as long as I know ahead of time so that I am not surprised.  I hope it doesn’t happen, but I realize there are emergencies where communication with a coach is not a priority.
K. We ask that you follow the chain of command on all concerns. If your son has a concern that he shares with you, please ask him if he has spoken to the coach about it. We would appreciate your son extending us the courtesy of seeing the coach he has a concern with first. I am not perfect, but I am the coach and it is my job to deal with any problem that affects the program. I would appreciate hearing concerns directly from your son.  I do my best to be someone who is worthy of their trust and respect to be able to approach when there is an issue.
L. Parents may attend practice. However, it is the opinion of our coaching staff that it is not in the best interest of your child to do so.  We feel it puts undo pressure on him, but each child is different in that regard.

6. Administrative Items Web Site Waiver, Prospect Sheet, Code of Conduct
7. Web Site, E-mails
8. Question and answer
9. Food for away games
Varsity and Junior Varsity (Need volunteers)
Freshman Games (Need volunteers)
Other ideas–signs, buttons, pictures, having the team over to your home Please follow our priorities if the players are at your home
10. Locker room tour for parents and watch practice if you are able.

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