FebWhether you’re looking for an auto-tracking camera with hands-free technology, complete Hudl integration or livestream­ing capa­bil­i­ties, Hudl Focus stands above all other options. Find out why.

The world of volleyball is fast-paced and has pushed coaching staff and analysis departments to streamline their workflows, in order to create more efficient and effective evaluations of players’ performances and development. When thinking about your own process and analysis workflow, one of the first things to assess is how you capture and share your team’s performances on the court.

Traditional volleyball video cam­eras and iPads are ade­quate for record­ing games and prac­tices, but the need for dedicated, reliable resources can often mean they fall short in stream­lin­ing coach­ing work­flows or providing consistent, high-quality video.

That’s where Hudl Focus comes in. It’s a pro­fes­­sion­al-grade cam­era that not only han­dles the record­ing of your volleyball games, but also the upload­ing and shar­ing of game footage — all automatically.

Plus, if you play an away game at a gym with Hudl Focus the film can be automatically uploaded to your account right after the game with the Focus Exchange Network—available with all athletic department packages.

We’ve built an entire Blue Springs High School activities YouTube channel. We’re sending every game to the same place so that everyone knows where to look for these films. We’re changing schedules to make sure our underclass kids are getting their games livestreamed.Coach Nolan Hochgrebe, Blue Springs High School, Mo.

Focus Features

  • Consistent, high-quality video: The camera records in HD and uses AI technology which means your team will never miss a rally.
  • Film multiple angles: The camera angles include a zoomed in view of the court and a full 180 degree-view of the court during a game or practice recording. Plus you can view a static angle of the left and right half of the court during a practice recording.
  • Easier than a three-step approach: Hudl Focus also has an intuitive app that makes setup a breeze and doesn’t require an expensive third-party installer. Plus, software updates are sent straight to your camera so you’ll never miss a new feature.
  • Full Hudl integration: When the match is over, your game will begin uploading to Hudl right away. And with Hudl’s video coaching tools, you can jump into your analysis faster than ever—no long processing times.
  • More access to film: Automatic recordings from a professional-grade camera mounted in your gym unlocks more coachable video, more video for highlights when your athletes are getting recruited and more moments for family and fans to enjoy.
  • Livestream your way: Provide a mod­ern and mem­o­rable fan experience, allowing you to control where you stream, and how to feature sponsors to earn money from your stream. Check out our livestream FAQ to start broad­cast­ing your games today.

Hudl Focus Indoor is available as part of an athletic department package. Contact Hudl to learn how to secure your camera.