One Foot Setting

It would be great if every pass was perfect, but they are not. One foot setting is a way to help setters be more effective when they pass is not placed perfectly.

In the video clip below Craig Skinner,University of Kentucky Head Coach; 2x SEC Coach of the Year;2011 AVCA All-South Region Coach of the Year, discusses setting off one foot and also shares what he calls Umbrella Tossing to train the setter.

Coach Skinner begins by discussing how to handle the imperfect pass. He believes that is best for the setter to use a left, right footwork pattern as they jump off one foot. He feels that by jumping off one leg the setter will be more dynamic in the air, have more control in the air and cover more ground on passes that are not perfect.

He begins by executing close tosses with his setters so that they can get the footwork pattern down.

He progresses to a quick explanation of Umbrella Tossing. Here he moves around the setter in an umbrella shape pattern giving here passes from all angles. In this drill, he gives her one perfect pass a not perfect pass. The not perfect pass should be tosses such that she gets work moving in every direction.

This clip is just a portion of Coach Skinner’s instructional DVD. For more information about that DVD click the link Simplified Setter Training

The YouTube video below has sound, so please make sure that your speakers are turned on. Note that some schools block access to YouTube. Click the arrow to play the video

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