Resistance Band Exercises for Volleyball

Resistance band exercises are great exercises for volleyball players. They are safe and very easy to incorporate into your training program.  No weight room required

In the video clips below Reid Hall, volleyball specific strength and conditioning coach, demonstrates three simple, effective and safe resistance band exercises that will improve the performance of volleyball players. These exercises can easily be incorporated into your daily practices and/or your off season training program.

The first resistance band exercise is called the Banded Face Pull. This exercise focuses on the building strength in the upper back and the back of the shoulder. The Banded Face Pull is also great for improving the mobility of the shoulder blade.

The exercise can be easily adapted to different athletes and strength levels. For less resistance move closer to the point of attachment. For more resistance simply move further away. You can also change bands as different color bands represent varying degrees of resistance.

When performing the pull, the athlete should have their palms facing the ground. The band should be pulled towards the eyes. The shoulder blades should be pulled down and towards each other. Pause for one second with the shoulder blades pulled together. The elbows should finish slightly higher than the shoulders when pulling the band back. The athlete should concentrate on keeping their abs  and glutes contracted while they are pulling the band back.

The next two exercises are designed to help volleyball players effectively cover a large amount of the court by helping them maintain a good defensive posture and developing a strong first step. Both exercises utilize two green (high resistance) bands interlocked and attached to a pole.

Resistance band exercise number two is the Banded Turn and Sprint. The athlete will wrap the band around  their waist and forward with the pole (point if attachment of the resistance band to their side).  The athlete will start in volleyball posture.  With their knees bent, hands in front of the body and shoulders in front of the knees, the athlete will drive off the leg closest to the pole and accelerate forward.

The third resistance band exercise is the  Banded Lateral Drive Step. The set up is the same as the previous exercise. The athlete will drive off the leg that is closes to the pole and shuffle to the side while maintaining a good volleyball posture.

Learn more about how Coach Hall can help you train you players at Reids-Workouts

The YouTube videos below have audio, so please make sure that your volume is turned up and that you have access to the site. Note some schools block access to YouTube.


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