Volleyball Strength and Conditioning

Volleyball strength and conditioning training can greatly improve performance. While skill and tactics are extremely important to your success, implementing a well designed volleyball strength and conditioning program can be the difference maker for your team.

If your looking for some help designing a program or just looking for a couple of new ideas to try, Penn State’s Cameron Davidson has put together a DVD that includes the volleyball strength and conditioning exercises that he uses in training the highly successful Penn State Volleyball team. His exercises are designed to increase your athlete’s vertical jump, hitting power and defensive range.

In the clip below Coach Davidson demonstrates a very simple conditioning/speed and agility to drill that he calls the cone drill. He uses this drill to incorporate a little competitiveness and fun into his volleyball strength and conditioning program. In the video the players actually ask to do the drill again.

For more information about the DVD that this clip came from click the link 150 Volleyball Strength and Conditioning Exercises.

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. Please note that some schools block access to YouTube. If you are having trouble viewing the video from school, please contact your network administrator.

The set up for the cone drill is as follows:

Divide into two teams and place them on opposite sides on the net. The lines should be in the middle beyond the back line. Cones are placed in the four corner of the court on each side of the net. A fifth cone is placed in the center of the court on each side of the net.

The drill begins on coaches call or whistle. The first player in each line sprints to the middle cone and then changes directions and sprints to one of the corners. Upon reaching the corner cone, she must get low and turn the cone on its side. She then returns to the center cone, before sprinting to one of the other corner cones and turning it over. She continues until all four cones have bee turned over. She must return to the center cone before moving on to the next corner cone. After turning over the final cone, she sprints to the center cone and then to the back line to tag her teammate. The teammate will now follow the same rules except she must turn each cone back to an upright position.

The winning team is the first one to have member complete the drill. He usually plays best of seven.

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